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Antivirus update

It is strongly recommended that you perform all updates from the AVG Free interface. The program can distinguish between full and differential updates; while this page offers only full update files for download.


You can also perform updates using the Check for Updates option within the menu that opens after right mouse button clicking over the AVG icon located on the system tray.

os: AllIavi: 10554Virus definitions.September 1, 2015102 MB
os: AllIchjw: 4Database of safe applications.May 31, 2011110 kB
os: AllLink Scanner: 2728Link Scanner DB full.August 31, 2015879 kB
os: Windows_64Windows x64: 4409Core module.7 MB
os: Windows_32Windows x32: 4409Core module.4 MB
os: Windows_32Windows x32: 6086All necessary modules.67 MB
os: Windows_64Windows x64: 6086All necessary modules.78 MB

Awards & Certifications

AVG products are running on over 187 million computers worldwide.

Windows 7 Compatible

Windows 7 compatibleAVG products are compatible with Windows 7

Business Solutions Magazine "Best Channel Vendor"

Business Solutions MagazineBusiness Solutions Magazine named AVG "Best Channel Vendor" of 2010.

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What people say

"Downloaded the upgrade version of AVG Internet Security last week. Definitely the best security system in the world. I would recommend it to anyone. Very easy to install and run. Your updates are now done without me knowing, with no 'pop ups' as there was with the older version. Keep up the good work."
Mike McHugh