License Agreement on Use of an AVG Anti-Rootkit Free

This is a license agreement between you, a final user of computer software, and AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o. (hereinafter "AVG Technologies" or the "AVG Technologies Company"). Please, read carefully! By clicking on "Accept" key you express your approval of the conditions and terms hereof and you are bound thereby.
Should you disagree with the conditions and terms hereof, promptly terminate the use of this software and destroy any copies thereof or delete the program already downloaded!

1. Providing the License

The AVG Technologies Company through this License Agreement grants to you non-exclusive and non-transferable rights thereunder in respect of using a copy of the computer program for a service life thereof, i.e. for a time period throughout which AVG Technologies shall maintain and make available an updated version thereof. You may install (download) and use only one copy of the program designated for protection of exclusively one personal computer, notwithstanding as to how many times you download the program and how many times you accept the License Agreement. You must not use the program in a network or on more than one computer. This particular software version is distributed free of charge, therefore, the applicable license is only granted for home use thereof. In case of this free version, the program is not subject to any guarantees, and the user has no right to any technical support whatsoever.

2. Copyrights

The computer program subject thereto is and continues to be a property of the AVG Technologies Company. The computer program is also subject to copyrights, and as such it is subject to a full protection thereof.

3. Use Restrictions

You must not use the program in any manner somehow jeopardizing or violating the manufacturers' copyrights. Particularly, it is prohibited to make copies thereof (with the exception of making copies to be used as a backup). In addition, you must not reproduce the program, change it, modify it, decompile it, transfer it from a mechanical code, reanalyze it or create any deduced works therefrom by processing. All explicitly non-granted rights are reserved. Any copy of the program you have been permitted to obtain based hereon must contain a complete copyright and other notices provided at the original duplicate. You may not use the software in automatic, semi-automatic or manual tools designed to create virus signatures, virus detection routines, or any other data or code for detecting malicious code or data. Use of the software together with so-called "sigtools" is not permitted.

4. Assignment Restriction

This license is provided personally to you and for that reason it does not allow you to make any duplicate (copy) to be sold, borrowed, assigned, leased or transferred in any manner whatsoever to another person. Any transfer executed in violation of this provision shall be deemed invalid and constitute a reason for termination of your license validity.

5. Liability Limitation

Neither AVG Technologies nor its contractual dealers bare any liability for any damages arisen due to using or inability of using of the aforesaid program although if notified of an option of causing such damages. Liability for any potential damage caused by using or inability of using thereof is given by your approval and controlled by the provisions of the Civil Code of the Czech Republic. In case of any damage for compensation of which AVG Technologies or a contractual dealer thereof should be made liable to reimburse as well as in case where a jurisdiction of any applicable country should prohibit, exclude or limit in advance a damage compensation, a contractual penalty in the amount equal to a license fee paid by you for the product is agreed upon based on which a certain damage had arisen, or an amount of USD 1 if such amount should be greater than the license fee remitted by you provided that such contractual penalty already includes a lump sum compensation for the arisen damage.

6. Liability for Program Updating

For the sake of correct functionality of the program, the manufacturer issues updated versions thereof available on the AVG Technologies Company website. Such updated versions improve properties of the program, remove any potential defaults or maintain updated viruses database. The user is liable for functional setting of the process of program updating for the purpose of maintaining the maximum possible extent of reliability thereof.

7. Decisive Law; Arbitration Clause

This License Agreement is governed by the legislation of the Czech Republic with exclusion of conflicting standards. Any and all disputes arisen therefrom or relating thereto shall finally be settled, excluding competence of general courts, in an arbitration proceeding by the Arbitration Court at the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and Agrarian Chamber of the Czech Republic pursuant to the Rules thereof and by three arbiters appointed in accordance therewith. The parties hereto hereby undertake to fulfil any and all duties and obligations imposed thereon by an award and to do so within time limits set forth therein.

8. Personal Data Handling

In case that data provided during the course of your registration by the AVG Technologies Company should be of a personal data nature in sense of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on Personal Data Protection, as amended, the AVG Technologies Company hereby declares that such personal data shall be handled in accordance with the applicable provisions of the aforesaid Act, i.e. within a choice made by you during the course of the registration.

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