5169 - How to disable AVG popups and switch from trial to AVG Free


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Once your AVG Trial version expires, you will receive the following message:

You have lost your AVG protection! Your AVG protection has expired.

You have two options to resume AVG protection:

  1. You can remove the Trial version and install AVG Free for continued basic protection.
  2. You can purchase a license for the advanced protection you were enjoying.

Installing AVG Free

  1. Click here to download the AVG Downgrader tool.
  2. Close all documents and running programs.
  3. Run the tool, and then click Accept to confirm the license agreement.
  4. Click Downgrade. Your computer will restart automatically.

Purchase a license to continue Advanced Protection

When you are notified that trial has expired, click Express Purchase, or Buy now to purchase and continue using the advanced protection.