5325 - How to prepare your computer for installing AVG


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To make sure your AVG will install correctly, please follow these six quick steps. This way you can easily remove many common causes of difficulties with installation and ensure you get the best possible performance from your new AVG product.

  1. Does your computer meet AVG's system requirements?
    To make sure your computer can run AVG without any problems or slowdown, please refer to the article AVG 2013 system requirements and supported operating systems.
  2. Is your Windows operating system up to date?
    You can check this by visiting the Microsoft Windows Update page. It is best to open the link in Internet Explorer. If new updates are available, please install them and then return to this article.
  3. Do you use any other security software?
    If you are running some other anti-virus or security software such as firewall, anti-spyware or anti-malware application, make sure to uninstall it before installing AVG. Using more than one security software can cause problems with installation of AVG and is likely to slow down your computer.
    You can refer to the article Removal tools for conflicting anti-virus products for links to various uninstallation tools and instructions.
  4. Has your computer been running for a while?
    Just before starting the installation, restart your computer, even if you started it just a few hours ago. This will ensure that there are no unnecessary applications running in the background that could cause issues with the installation of AVG.
  5. Are you running the installation as an Administrator?
    Installation of AVG requires full access to the system. To verify you have sufficient privileges, visit the article How to check if I'm using Administrative account and make sure you are logged into Windows as an Administrator. 
  6. Are you using the latest installation file?
    Whether you are reinstalling AVG or you purchased AVG from a store and you have the installation CD, it is always better to download the latest installation file from our website:
    - Visit the AVG Downloads page.
    - Click the name of your product.
    - Click Download.

For detailed installation instructions visit the article How to install AVG 2013.

If you happen to run into any issues during installation, please refer to the article AVG installation is failing for help.