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AVG LinkScanner® FREE

AVG LinkScanner® FREE
Advanced layer of security against fast-moving, invisible web threats, verifying safety of web pages, and links returned from web searches. It works with most current consumer AV and security suite products.

AVG for Windows
AVG Online Installer
2013.3466exeApril 5, 20144 MB
AVG for Windows (32bit)
2013.3466exeApril 5, 201451 MB
AVG for Windows (64bit)
2013.3466exeApril 5, 201460 MB
AVG for Mac OS
2012.1815dmgJune 7, 201322 MB
User Manual
AVG LinkScanner® FREE (English)
2013.11pdfDecember 2, 20131 MB
os: AllIavi: 7390Virus definitions.April 24, 201480 MB
os: AllIchjw: 4Database of safe applications.May 31, 2011110 kB
os: AllLink Scanner: 2236Link Scanner DB full.April 24, 2014926 kB
os: Windows_64Windows x64: 3920Core module.5 MB
os: Windows_32Windows x32: 3920Core module.3 MB
os: Windows_32Windows x32: 4570All necessary modules.50 MB
os: Windows_64Windows x64: 4570All necessary modules.59 MB
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  1. Over 177 million people trust our people-powered protection.
  2. We’re rated #1 in threat detection by independent antivirus testing labs.*
  3. It’s easy to install and use.
  4. Our 30-day money back guarantee means your purchase is risk free.
  5. Free technical support and updates to latest versions throughout your subscription term.

*AVG Internet Security was rated Number 1 in threat detection by AV-Test Org May-August 2010.