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Save time and leave your Virus and Spyware troubles with us, AVG experts can remotely detect and remove any viruses or spyware which can root themselves deeply in your machine.
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Download the remover rmswen.exe. Restart your computer in Safe mode and run the remover. Then restart your PC normally and run the AVG Complete Test.

If the virus file has been removed before the launching of rmswen.exe (either manually or by AVG) then please follow these instructions to recover the system:

  • If you will try to launch any program you will be given the error message that the "File *.* is missing".
  • Remember the exact file name and its location.
  • Rename the rmswen.exe utility exactly to same name of the "missing" file.
  • Now place the renamed utility into the C:\WINDOWS folder and restart the PC.
  • After restart please launch a test again to ensure that the system is now clean.