2485 - Fake/rogue antivirus or security applications


Fake/rogue application is a program that tries to look like a regular antivirus/security application but in fact it is not a product of any real antivirus/security company. Such application only simulates false threats on your computer and forces you to buy the full version of itself. Unfortunately you will just pay the money however you will not get any valuable service. The infections by fake/rogue applications can have many symptoms:

List of well-known applications

Rogue AVG Antivirus 2011

Recently we have noticed rogue anti-virus software, that pretends to be the legitimate AVG Anti-Virus 2011.

Once launched, this malware make users believe, that computer is infected with malicious programs that might compromise privacy or damage computer. Removal of found threats is not free and user is asked to purchase “license”.

AVG detects this malware usually as part of the Trojan horse FakeAV family and AVG Technologies is also actively tracking sources of this scam.

Rogue AVG Antivirus 2011

Note: Whether particular application is a fake/rogue application or not is determined by criteria specified by the Anti-Spyware Coalition. AVG Technologies is a member of the Anti-Spyware Coalition. For more information about fake/rogue security applications, please visit this website.

AVG program detects and successfully removes most variants of the mentioned applications.

Let us inform you that the AVG Identity Protection component is designed to identify and remove such false applications while being installed. For more information about the AVG Identity Protection please visit this FAQ.