4881 - What is AVG Identity Protection?


Identity Protection is an anti-malware component that protects you from all kinds of malware (spyware, bots, identity theft, ...) using behavioral technologies and provide zero day protection for new viruses. Identity Protection is focused on preventing identity thieves from stealing your passwords, bank account details, credit card numbers and other personal digital valuables from all kinds of malicious software (malware) that target your PC. It makes sure that all programs running on your PC are operating correctly. Identity Protection spots and blocks suspicious behavior on a continuous basis and protects your computer from all new malware.

Identity Protection gives your computer a realtime protection against new and even unknown threats. It monitors all (including hidden) processes and over 285 different behaviour patterns, and can determine if something malicious is happening within your system. For this reason, it can reveal threats not even yet described in the virus database. Whenever an unknown piece of code comes onto your computer, it is immediately watched for malicious behaviour, and tracked. If the file is found to be malicious, Identity Protection will remove the code into the Virus Vault and undo any changes that have been made to the system (code injections, registry changes, ports opening etc). You do not need to initiate a scan to be protected. The technology is very proactive, rarely needs
updating, and is always on guard.

Identity Protection is a complimentary protection to Anti-Virus. We strongly recommend you have the both components installed, in order to have complete protection for your PC!